About Moot Club

Mooting is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their teamwork, writing, public speaking and research skills. Moots give students the opportunity to look at issues that they may otherwise not get to cover as a part of the degree, and can demonstrate important skills for prospective employers in the field.

Moot Club Activities

QUT Faculty of law High School Moot

Held in July, our annual High School Moot Competition attracts students studying at Brisbane's most established schools. Many students partake in the Moot with an interest in studying law, which is cemented by
their participation in this competition. Students spend many months preparing for the Moot, with the assistance of a current QUT Law Student.

Moot Club Workshops

The QUT Law Society Inc. (QUTLS) Moot Club runs workshops to help students of varying levels of experience improve their mooting skills.

External Moots

Students at QUT are able to enter into external moots, which are longer commitments than an internal moot. External moots give team members the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally to compete against the best mooters, all while getting academic credit.

The following moots have been entered by QUT in the last few years:

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

The Jessup moot is the oldest, largest, and arguably the most prestigious moot in the world. The competition involves a fictional dispute before the International Court of Justice, and is concerned with public international law principles. The moot involves first competing in national rounds where the best teams get to compete in Washington. This moot requires students to work over the summer.

Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot

The Vis moot is considered to be an international commercial law equivalent to Jessup, attracting teams from hundreds of universities every year. There are two separate moots based on the same problem - one in Hong Kong, and one in Vienna. The moot involves a fictional dispute between two commercial parties who have consented to having their dispute arbitrated. The moot always covers issues of international arbitration procedure, and application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). This moot requires students to work over the summer.

QUT Torts Moot

Each year, QUT hosts a moot based on torts. This is considered a great moot to start for external competitions as torts is covered in the first year of the degree.

The Hon. Michael Kirby Contract Law Moot Court Competition

The Kirby moot is Australia’s largest moot competition, and is held annually at Victoria University. The problem concerns a contract dispute and is often used by universities as a means to find their team for the Vis moot.

Ian Fletcher International Insolvency Moot

The Inaugural Ian Fletcher International Insolvency was held in Sydney this year and involves the application of international insolvency principles. In 2017, QUT was invited to compete in the oral submissions part of the competition, which is impressive as only 8 teams who had written the best written memoranda were invited to make oral submissions. This moot requires students to do some work over the summer.

Oxford Intellectual Property Law Moot

The Oxford Intellectual Property Law Moot is held at the University of Oxford, and involves a fictional IP dispute written by experts in the field. This moot requires students to work over the summer.

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