About media & Communication

The Media & Communication team is a highly active group in the QUT Law Society Inc. (QUTLS). They are responsible for producing the Springboard Careers Guide, The First Year Guide, Torts Illustrated (Issues 1-4), and other QUTLS marketing material.

The team consists of law students who also have a creative passion. They create and source articles for our publications; generate and design multimedia for the other QUTLS Portfolios; and provide IT support and maintenance to the Society.

All online content and events  for Facebook and Instagram is produced by the Media & Communication team.

For all media and communication enquiries, please email director.mediacommunication@qutlawsociety.com


QUTLS produces various publications throughout the year:

  1. First Year Guide (February)
  2. QUT PLT O-Week Brochure (February & July)
  3. Springboard Careers Guide (March)
  4. Competitions Handbook (March)
  5. Torts Illustrated (Issues 1-4)
  6. Students' Digest (June & November)
  7. Podcasts

Latest Publication



Springboard Careers Guide

The QUTLS Springboard Careers Guide is produced annually and it is a comprehensive guide for students looking to advance into their next stage of professional development – specifically those approaching clerkship and graduate year.

Click here to view the entire Careers Guide stack.

Torts Illustrated

Torts Illustrated is a quarterly published magazine which includes important information and articles written by QUTLS Publications Officers and other law students.

Click here to view the entire Torts Illustrated stack.





First Year Guide

The QUTLS produces a First Year Guide every year to help first year law students in transitioning into law school. This publication includes tips and tricks, and will introduce students to the basics of being a QUT law student.

Click here to view the entire First Year Guide stack.