The Committee


Harrison Bell
Alastair Page
Vice President
Kate Jamieson
Courtney Brown
Claudia Choi
Vice President of Media and Communications
Yehanka Ranasinghe
Vice President of Events
Jake Stacey
Vice President of Education
Patrick Johnson
Director of Moot Club
Yanery Rodriguez
Vice President of Competitions
Alexandria Pearman
Vice President of Health and Sport

Immediate Past President – Harriette Watson

2017 Committee

Competitions Portfolio

Annalise Spurge (Competitions Officer)

Ebony-Lee Corbyn (Competitions Officer)
Rana Lateef (Competitions Officer)

Rebecca Le (Competitions Officer)

Moot Club

William Zhou (Moot Club Officer)

Education Portfolio

Josh Dunn (Mentoring Officer)

Charlotte Mann (Careers Officer)
Alexandra Cameron (Indigenous Liaison Officer)

Events Portfolio

Jack Bristed (Events Officer)

Elena Dimeski (Events Officer)

TBC (Merchandising Officer)

Kate Milward (Law Revue Coordinator)

Eleanor Sondergeld (Law Revue Coordinator)

Finance Portfolio

Kate Archibald (Finance Officer)

Media and Communications Portfolio

Rianna Shoemaker (Photographer)

Izzy Machin (Photographer)

Tristan Hall (Information and Technology Officer)

Royce Adcock (Designs Officer)

Megan Dudley (Publication Officer)

Melissa Hillier (Publication Officer)

Sports and Health Portfolio

Natalie James (Sport Officer)

Amelia Watson-Black (Health Officer)